DTP Course

DTP Course MCQ questions and answers

Desktop Publishing is the full meaning of DTP. This DTP is publishing software that is used for printing quality material for people, organizations, or a company and a business.

DTP course
A DTP operator is usually skilled in multiple computer design applications, such as Adobe CS.

What is DTP course?

DTP stands for Desktop Publishing. Simply speaking, DTP uses page layout software on personal computers (desktops) or computer systems to design, build and edit documents. DTP deals mainly with the production of print publications.

Features of DTP Course:

1)Publishing of Desktop

This is an introductory course that provides students with a basic understanding of this field of desktop publishing. Additional topics may include designing, word processing and the use of extra equipment.


The ins and out Adobe Illustrator may be learned in this session. Students may experiment with creating and modifying basic shapes and lines, along with working with textures and the text.

3)Graphic Communications

The basic purpose of this course is to teach students regarding the theories behind using design as a means of communication, along with teaching them how to use tools to implement effective design strategies.

4)Digital Imaging

Some of the most important topics that may be covered in this whole course include the use of Photoshop to create and edit images while exploring both the technical and aesthetic aspects of image manipulation.

5)Design and Layout

This course provides a perfect overview of a page’s layout and design while incorporating some other facets, such as typography, color usage and placement of images.

6)The Technology of Printing

Printing processes are a very important part of desktop publishing in the Technology of Printing. Students may learn how to prepare projects for printing, which includes layout and design, assembling images, plate-making and graphics preparations.

7)Interactive Design of Media and Usability

In the DTP course, students should be introduced to the design of user-interface (UI) with a focus on its behavior and in structural patterns.

Advantages of DTP

1)You may enhance the appearance of page layouts by balancing their contrast, color, and space

2)You should customize your document as per your target audience and business

3)You may outsource DTP services if you don’t want to buy a DTP equipment