MS EXCEL MCQ questions and answers

MS Excel Questions Answers (MCQ -Multiple Choice, Objective Type) Online test : Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet software and is part of the widely used MS Office Package. Here you will find a great collection of Multiple Choice (MCQ)Questions in the category of Microsoft Excel with answer. Most of the questions are applicable to all versions of MS Excel (including Excel 97-2003, XP, 2007, 2010, etc.).

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet developed by Microsoft for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS.

What is the definition of MS Excel?

Ans. MS Excel is a spreadsheet program where one can record data in the form of tables. This gives the user a more systematic display of data.

What is MS Excel used for?

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program. That means it's used to create grids of text, numbers and formulas specifying calculations. That's extremely valuable for many businesses, which use it to record expenditures and income, plan budgets, chart data and succinctly present fiscal results.

What are the basics of MS Excel?

Excel documents are called workbooks. Each workbook has sheets, typically called spreadsheets. You can add as many sheets as you want to a workbook, or you can create new workbooks to keep your data separate. Click File, and then click New.

Excel Topics

1) Formula Basics.

2)Formula Examples.

3)Formula Criteria.

4)Formula Errors.

5)Dynamic Arrays.

6)Formula Challenges.

7)Formula Training.

Ms EXCEL Syllabus

Ms EXCEL Syllabus
1: Introduction 2: Entering, Editing and Formatting Data
3: Formatting Numbers 4: Managing Worksheets
5: Modifying Rows and Columns 6: Understanding Formulas
7: Changing Views 8: AutoFill and Custom Lists
9: Conditional Formatting 10: Tables
11: Data Tools 12: Referencing Formulas
13: Ranges and Dates 14: Lookups
15: Conditional Logic 16: Text Formulas
17: Introduction to Charts 18: Formatting Charts
19: Adding Graphics to Spreadsheets 20: Outline, Sort, Filter, and Subtotal
21: PivotTables 22: Protecting Data
23: Collaboration 24: Printing
25: Saving a Workbook 26: Macros

Examination Pattern

Duration of Exam: 60 minutes (1 Hour)

Total Questions: 50, Total Marks: 50

Marks per Question : 1

All the questions in the examination are divided into 3 levels.

Level 1 = Low difficulty level

Level 2 = Medium difficulty level

Level 3 = High difficulty level

Exam Pattern: Level wise distribution of questions and Marks