JEE Chemistry

JEE Chemistry MCQs & Answer

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JEE Chemistry Syllabus

Chemistry JEE Syllabus
Some basic concepts in chemistry States of matter
Atomic structure Chemical bonding and molecular structure
Chemical thermodynamics Solutions
Equilibrium Redox reactions and electrochemistry
Chemical kinetics Surface chemistry
Classification of elements and periodicity in properties General principles and process of Isolation of metals
Hydrogen D and F - block elements
Co-ordinations compound Environmental chemistry
Purification and characteristics of organic compounds Some basic principles of organic chemistry
Organic compounds containing halogens Organic compounds containing oxygen
Organic compounds containing nitrogen Polymers
Biomolecules Chemistry in everyday life
Principles related to practical chemistry

JEE Main Chemistry covers three parts i.e. Inorganic, Organic and Physical chemistry. It is often considered the most scoring and time saving section by experts. Candidates are often advised to attempt Chemistry section first while taking JEE Main. Session 1, 2 and 3 Chemistry question papers are now available for JEE Main 2021 along with solutions.