इंग्रजी (English)

इंग्रजी (English) MCQ Questions and Answers

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इंग्रजी (English)
mpsc english questions useful for all mpsc and saralseva (Direct Recruitment) exams.

We provide MPSC (Maharashtra Public Service Commission) State Service Exam 2021 Free questions and answers with detailed solutions. This MCQ or Multiple choice or objective Question Bank is available Free in Hindi & English both Medium.

Maharashtra General Knowledge with Multiple Choice Objective Questions for Maharashtra PSC (MPSC) Examinations of 2021-22. Objective Maharashtra GK Questions on Maharashtra History, Culture, MPSC Geography, MPSC Economy and Polity.

11 Rules of Grammar

1.Use Active Voice

2.Link Ideas With a Conjunction

3.Use a Comma to Connect Two Ideas as One

4.Use a Serial Comma in a List

5.Use the Semicolon to Join Two Ideas

6.Use the Simple Present Tense for Habitual Actions

7.Use the Present Progressive Tense for Current Action

8.Add -ed to Verbs for the Past Tense

9.Use Present Perfect for the Unfinished Past

10.Use Present Perfect Progressive for Unfinished Action and Past

11.Use Past Perfect for the First of Two Past Actions

Top 10 English MCQ Question & Answer

Question 1) Her thinking leans ____ democracy.

Ans:- towards

Question 2) He got too tired _____ over work.

Ans:- because of

Question 3)_____ his principles, he has to be very careful.

Ans:- with regard to

Question 4) Building has been built _____ the new plan.

Ans:- in accordance with

Question 5) He crossed the broken bridge ____ warning.

Ans:- in spite of

Question The train ____ as fast as the bus.

Ans:- moves

Question 7) He was seen _____ to the school.

Ans:- going

Question 8) She ____ in the sun for 1 hour.

Ans:- has been sitting

Question 9) ____ it help you in your studies ?

Ans:- will

Question 10) I ____ never seen such a picture before.

Ans:- have